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My place was a mess. I was overwhelmed at the thought of getting it cleaned up with family coming in over the holidays and was just about ready to cancel when a friend told me about ShineBrite. In desperation, I gave them a call and the very next day they not only had a crew in my place cleaning, it was done by the time I got home from work that evening. Not only did my family have a great time here for the holidays, they now think I’m the world’s best housekeeper.

Duane T   

What a joy to come home to the scent of a sparkling clean house. Always completely accommodating. Attention to the smallest details. I’ve always felt safe having a ShineBrite cleaner in my home.


Finding a high quality and reputable cleaning service is hard to come by, but Shinebrite has exceeded my expectations. It’s nice to know that family owned businesses are still dependable, passionate about service, and able to build trusting relationships. I’m always in good hands because Shinebrite has a product that delivers!


“ShineBrite” – well named, for my house is left sparkling clean each month when the workers have finished each room. They come cheerfully and even lovingly. I am so thankful for their help.


I am very grateful for ShineBrite. I have been a customer for the last 6 years and could not ask for anything more. They work very hard to make sure the cleaning stays high quality each week. I appreciate the kind and courteous ladies who clean my home. I trust them and that is hard to come by. I recommend ShineBrite if you want the best around!


My boss has a big house up in the Fremont hills. It’s beautiful, but it’s old and it’s a bear to keep clean. I called ShineBrite after one of my neighbors had used them to help get the house ready for their kid’s graduation party. They’ve been taking care of my boss’s house for about two years now and it’s always immaculate. Plus a big load off my plate having to worry about it. Thanks ShineBrite!


My husband and I are very satisfied customers and have been for over 15 years. ShineBrite always keeps our home just lovely and are willing to accommodate special requests. I am glad I have a company I can trust and will do the same quality work each cleaning.


I am extremely grateful for ShineBrite. They are trustworthy, consistent, and hard working. I have been a customer for over 14 years and they continue to clean my home beautifully everytime!!


I have two dogs, but after ShineBrite is here you could never tell! Their staff pays attention to detail and keeps my home dog hair free and sanitary. This means a lot to me and my wife.


I just used ShineBrite Cleaning Services and I am really happy about the initial cleaning that took place at my residence. Everything I expected and more when I got home. I almost don't want to touch or use anything in my house it's so clean. I will have ShineBrite come back once a month for regular service. Trust, attention to detail and competitive pricing are only a few of the many qualities this company has illustrated. I would strongly suggest using ShineBrite to any home owner if you're considering the use of a cleaning service or possibly exploring the services of a new cleaning company in the Bay Area.


I like that ShineBrite is family owned and operated for over 22 years. This gives me trust in a company that I am allowing into my home. Over the years I've had only 2 different staff members clean my home and they each did a great job.


ShineBrite lives up to its name! They do EXCELLENT work. So clean I didn’t want to touch anything. When they say you can eat off the floor when they finish, no kidding – you could eat off the floor! Thank you ShineBrite for your OUTSTANDING work.


I want you to know that your cleaners did an AMAZING job cleaning my home today! I was highly impressed with their efficiency and willingness to go above and beyond making sure that my home is dust free! I look forward to working with either of them in the coming weeks.


What a treat to have our house cleaned by a company that takes pride in its work. ShineBrite has given us wonderful service for many years. It is so encouraging to have cleaners who are so friendly and warm as they go about making our house look its best. Service is consistently thorough and workers faithfully arrive for each regular appointment. They provide top notch care and are honest in business. When they are done, it smells great, the rugs are manicured, the decorative pillows are arranged, the towels are perfectly hanging. I can tell ShineBrite has left its special touch! Our household would recommend ShineBrite to anyone!


My office looks remarkable week in and week out! A superb and classy company all the way around. I trust the ladies who clean and I don’t trust many people these days. Many thanks!


I just started regular weekly service 3 months ago and was a bit apprehensive at first because my last service was so unprofessional (The lady brought her kid with her to clean). This company is very professional in every way. I really like their products and great vacuums. They just really work hard and I am so happy. I like that I can have ongoing communication with them through their evaluation card. Thanks again ShineBrite for cleaning my house so beautifully. :)


I love coming home to a clean house. Working full time and being a mother of three doesn't allow me the time to keep my house how I would like. ShineBrite is a God-send! The sweet ladies that clean my home are trustworthy and do a consistent job every time. I recommend ShineBrite to all of you who cherish your time like I do. Let the professionals do the work for you!